Book Definition: A physical and mental response to a challenging or threatening situation.

In Your Own Words:
  • How you react in a "tight" situation.
  • The way your body and mind responds to a situation that is demanding.

  • When you hit a guy's car if he gets out, starts screaming at you, and threatens to beat you up, your response is that you would like to run away.
  • After a horrible day of school and failing tests one after another, you feel sick and tired due to your physical and mental state of stress.
  • Having three auditions to prepare for, plus all state, plus solo and ensemble, plus several church events, plus three AP classes causes a stress reaction of anxiety and worry over how you will manage to do it all.
  • Taking six AP classes your senior year to try to get into a better college, you feel anxiety to do well in all of them and pass the AP test.
  • A ton of stress can harm your immune system. Have you ever noticed that around the holidays people are more prone to getting sick? Well these "sick" people must be under a lot of stress, they are literally driving themselves to sickness.
  • Babysitting a group of kids who are constantly being loud to where you cant even concentrate, you then become stressed out because the task of babysitting becomes harder.

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