Book Definition:

The ability to form mental images of objects and to think about their relationships in space.

In Your Own Words

  • Being aware of objects and mental images and the way they interact with the space around them.
  • The ability to see objects in your head.


  • Being able to picture where your house is located on your street even though you are at school.
  • Knowing that you left your cell phone on the book under your desk in the corner of your room when you are at a friend's house.
  • Remembering where you parked by visualizing the parking garage in your head.
  • Finding your way through a dark room. because you have been in the room many times and you know what is physically in it.
  • Being able to give someone directions during school so they can find their way to their new class.
  • Knowing how to get somewhere based off the directions someone else told you

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