Definition: Savant Syndrome is found in individuals who have a remarkable talent even though they are mentally slow in other domains.

Quite Simply...

  • Savant Syndrome is when someone shows remarkable intelligence in one area but lacks normal intelligence in another; it is sometimes affiliated with autism.
  • Savant Syndrome is a rare condition in which people classified with developmental disorders have one or more areas of expertise, ability, or brilliance that are in contrast with the individual's overall limitations.
  • Savant Syndrome is when people who have serious mental illnesses end up having extraordinary talent. As amazing as it is, it's quite rare. It's sometimes called an autistic savant however it's not always related to autism, it can sometimes come from developmental disabilities too.

Examples of Savant Syndrome...

  • Daniel Tammie is an English autistic savant who has some difficulties with social interaction (specifically emotional interpretation), but is extremely gifted in linguistics and mathematics. He was able to learn Icelandic in one week and recite pi to many thousand digits.
  • Savant twins, Kay and Flo, have poor social behavior and cannot relate to others. However, they are fixated on Dick Clark. You could give them a date in history and they could tell you what he was wearing, what day of the week, the weather, etc.
  • Albert Einstein was outstanding at Physics, but was uninterested in school, and thus did poorly.
  • The film Rain Man centers around the story of a savant named Raymond, who has a spectacular talent for solving mathematical problems and recalling facts. However, he cannot communicate effectively, nor can he adapt to change easily.
  • Leslie Lemke is a savant who had a natural ability to play the piano and memorize entire symphonies after only hearing the piece once. However, he had been born with severe birth defects, which forced doctors to remove both his eyes at the time of birth. It took him over fifteen years to learn how to walk.

See also...

  • Aspergers- Along with autistics, people with aspergers syndrome have also been savants.
  • Psychopathology- Psychopathology is when someone has a psychological disorder; all savants have psychological disorders.
  • Intelligence- All savants are intelligent in some way or form, which categorizes them as a savant.