Book Definition: Giving socially acceptable reasons for actions that are really based on motives that one believes to be unacceptable.

In Your Own Words

  • Justifying behavior to make it seem acceptable.
  • Making excuses in order to make a behavior seem OK


  • I shouldn't drink because I'm underage but all my friends are drinking so it's fine if I do too.
  • My BFF's boyfriend is cheating on her. If I tell her the truth she'll go back into her [[#|depression]], so I'll just lie to her so she stays happy.
  • I'll skip class because all my friends are.
  • He cheats on me, but I'll stay with him because he needs me to make him a better person.
  • Saying the f-word even though you know you shouldn't curse because everyone else at school says it too.
  • [[#|Smoking]] because all your friends smoke.
  • It's alright if I take these pills because it's the 'new thing.'
  • You're on a [[#|diet]], but say its okay to go to have a piece of cake because its your friend's birthday.
  • Its okay to drive with your friends when all you have is your permit because they have their license so they know what they're doing.
  • I can eat more cake because I'm going to exercise tomorrow.
  • "Everybody does it."
  • Not studying because all your friends don't.

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