Book Definition: Attributing our own unconscious desires to other people or objects.

In Your Own Words

  • When someone attributes thoughts, feelings, and ideas as desirable to someone else.
  • Passing on our unconscious desires onto others.


  • You're a nice person because you're around your best friend a lot who is a nice person.
  • You start to misbehave because you start to hang out with the wrong crowd at school.
  • You start to act kinder, gossiping and cursing less because you hang out with your friends from youth group and Sunday school.
  • You begin to wear dresses and fancy shirts to school instead of sweat pants and hoodies because people at your new school dress up.
  • You become interested in football because your husband loves it and talks about it all the time.
  • A bully teasing other people by calling them gay when really he himself is gay.

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