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Parent is warm but may spoil the child; parent makes few or no demands--often out of concern for child's self-esteem; parent permits child to make decisions before the child is ready.


  • Parent doesn't give the child a lot of rules to follow; gives too much responsibility to the child.
  • Parent's who want to be their kids friends rather than parents and authority figures
  • Parents who aren't ready for the responsibility of a child and give the child whatever they want.


  • Parents will cater to their children all the time.
  • Getting your child some fancy new toy for an average grade.
  • Parents who let their child go to parties and never punish them for breaking rules or expectations.
  • Parents who give their child whatever they want whenever they want.
  • If a child says they are going out, a permissive parent most likely will not ask where they are going, who will be there, and will probably won't set a curfew for them.
  • No strict rules for child throughout their life.
  • Spoiling the child at all times.
  • Parents who let the child do whatever they want; no discipline.
  • A parent who lets children make decisions on their own before they are ready.

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