Book Definition: According to Freud, the female desire to have a penis- a condition that usually results in their attraction to males.

In Your Own Words

  • A theory that women want men because they have a penis, not because they want a companion.
  • Women are attracted to men because men have a penis and they don't.


  • Sally is attracted to John because she unconsciously wants to have a penis.
  • You want what you can't have. Similar to when you're on a diet you are drawn to sugars; when you're living a life as a female with a vagina, you're drawn to men because you don't have a penis.
  • Little Timmy doesn't understand why girls like him, its not his personality or appearance. It is because he has a penis which they cannot have.
  • Angelina Jolie was in love with her dad because she wished that she too had a penis.

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