Definition: A memory that was not deliberately learned or which you have no conscious awareness. (pg 252)

Quite Simply..

  • Memories that are remembered without any conscious effort to be remembered.
  • Type of memory in which previous experiences aid in the performance of a task without conscious awareness.
  • Memories that can be retrieved but weren't known to be stored.

Examples of Implicit Memory...

  • When you know the color of your room, although you have never made a conscious effort to memorize it.
  • Still knowing how to ride a bike after years of not riding one.
  • Knowing what kind of cell phone you own without looking down at it in your hands or making an effort to think about it.
  • Knowing how to eat even though you never actually tried to memorize how to do it..
  • Knowing what kind of car your parents drive when they come to pick you up.
  • Knowing the layout of your house without thinking about it.
  • Knowing the lyrics to an ad without trying to memorize them.
  • Taking a familiar route every day such as going to work or to a friend house.
  • Typing on the keyboard and not having to look down at the keys.
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    memory classifications

See Also...

Explicit Memory the opposite of implicit memory
Unconscious memory because this is where the implicit memories are stored

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