Book Definition: A psychological problem characterized by persistent and pervasive feelings of anxiety, without any external cause.

In Your Own Words

  • Feeling anxious with no external stimulus or stimuli causing the stress.
  • A restless feeling that occurs without explainable reason.
  • When someone is anxious all the time.
  • Being anxious without a reason.


  • Symptoms include but are not limited to: excessive irritability, extreme nausea, headaches, fatigue, and muscle tension.
  • Worrying about family problems, money, work problems.
  • About 5% of U.S. adults experience generalized anxiety disorder at some point during their lifetime, and about 3% have it in any given year.
  • Sally gets anxious a lot but there is no reason for her to be anxious.
  • Barnabe is strolling through the park like he always does, he then becomes very anxious but was not provoked.
  • Rella is bored with nothing to do, she lays in bed and gets very excited for no reason whatsoever.

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