Definition: Carl Roger's term for a healthy, self-actualizing individual who has a self-concept that is both positive and congruent with reality.

Quite Simply...

  • A positive individual who recognizes what is realistic.
  • A person with a healthy personality who has achieved or is working to achieve self-actualization.
  • A person who has reached self-actualization and can now continue to be creative and excel.
  • This type of person is open to life's experiences, has trust in him/herself, and is able to express his or her feelings and act independently.


  • Someone who is happy with all aspects of themselves, but realizes they are not perfect.
  • A child may feel that he is loved when he's told that he is being a "good boy" but not when he has misbehaved.
  • A boy who thinks of himself as "smart" has a positive self-concept, but he experiences incongruence when the teacher returns his paper with a C on it.
  • Daisy who has been dancing for only 3 years has trouble executing a ceratin dance move/trick in comparison to the other girls who got it down within 2 classes. Daisy isn't frustrated or mad because she knows that the other girls have been dancing for 7 years so of course they would get it more quickly, but Daisy keeps trying and practicing, knowing that one day she will master it.

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