Book Definition: Occurs when psychosexual development is arrested at an immature stage

In Your Own Words

  • A problem with overcoming a certain stage and therefore effecting you later in life.
  • Failure to get rid of the dependency of a particular psychosexual stage.


  • An oral fixation could lead to over eating.
  • Anal fixations begin when potty training begins. It can cause stubborn, or stingy behaviors. Anal fixations also cause the person to be neat, and orderly. Thus the term 'anal', used for people who need things done in specific ways.
  • Fixations stemming from the anal stage may culminate in the presentation of either a messy, erratic personality or, on the other extreme, that of a perfectionist.
  • If you cannot get past or struggle with putting things in the mouth (oral fixation) you may need to do similar things in the future with other things like, smoking, drinking, chewing on a pencil, which could lead to serious [[#|health]] problems.
  • A fixation on latency may cause excessive modesty, preference for same sex interaction, and, according to Freud, homosexuality .
  • Don't get past anal fixation so you are a very tidy person
  • If you don't get past an anal fixation you can become a stingy person.

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