Book Definition: Shifting your reaction from the real source of your distress to a saver individual or object.

In Your Own Words

  • Taking out your emotions on something else that didn't cause them.
  • "Don't take it out on me just because..."


  • Snapping at your mom because you and your boyfriend broke up.
  • Trashing your room because your boss fired you.
  • Yelling at your sister because you are stressed out about the amount of homework you have to get done.
  • Having an attitude towards your friends at school because your mom had just made you really upset earlier that morning.
  • Getting an attitude with others because you didn't get accepted into the college you wanted to get into.
  • Breaking all the dishes because you are angry about your grades.
  • Ripping a pillow apart because you got into an argument.
  • Being rude to your parents because you had a bad day at school.
  • Kicking your dog because someone made fun of how you dress.

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