Book Definition:

The ability for controlled movement or coordination.

In Your Own Words

  • Having control over your body and knowing how to use and interact with the world using your knowledge of the body and movement.
  • the ability to know your bodies placement in the world around you.


  • Dancers need to have good balance and know how much space they take up so they can preform well on stage.
  • Surgeons need the control over their arms and hands to carefully preform surgeries.
  • When juggling, a person must be throwing and catching many balls at the same time. this requires the coordination of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.
  • Playing any sport and being able to move around well on the court, field, floor, ect.
  • An acrobat or tight rope walker in the circus must have good bodily-kinesthetic intelligence so they don't fall or get hurt
  • football players must have bodily kinesthetic intelligence so they can run, and juke, and turn to avoid defense men in order to achieve the over all goal of the sport.

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