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Parent is warm, attentive, and sensitive to child's needs and interests; parent makes reasonable demands for the child's maturity level; explains and enforces rules; parent permits child to make decisions in accord with developmental readiness; parent listens to child's viewpoint.


  • A parent who has rules, but acknowledges the child's view point.
  • A parent who punishes their child but explains to the child why they are being punished.
  • A firm but friendly parenting style.
  • A parent who listens and understands the child and cares a lot for the child.
  • This style is often best for a child's development.
  • A parent who sets clear, reasonable expectations for their child.
  • Parents that establish rules for their children to follow so they become independent later in their life, but still show affection towards their children.


  • Parents who encourages their child to try their hardest in school and understands that not every grade the child receives will be an A.
  • Parents who are warm and caring to child and care for the child's needs while setting reasonable expectations.
  • A parent puts a child in time out for behaving bad, but afterwards explains why they were put into time out.
  • Parent who understands if you are doing bad in school as long as you are doing your best.
  • Parents who allow their child to develop on their own while still setting ground rules and having boundaries.
  • Parents who let their kids try and find out if they like sports or certain classes for themselves.
  • A parent who lets the child try out for sports that they would like to try out for.
  • The Huxtables from "The Cosby Show".
  • Parents who let children decide on what to wear or let them dress themselves (only if they are ready to).
  • Parents who guide their children in the right direction but allow them to make decisions and have independence.

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