Book Definition: Innate potentialities (as contrasted with abilities acquired by learning).

In Your Own Words

  • Natural talents for doing certain things easily and quickly.
  • Being really good at something naturally, but studying and practicing it to become an expert.
  • Potentials that have been developed by study and practice
  • Some people are born with natural talents and skills that come easily to them.
  • Natural ability


  • Someone who is good at identifying pitches and tones (someone with perfect pitch).
  • Some people are very good at understanding other people and dealing with problems easily.
  • Someone who is intelligent naturally and gets good grades without having to put in much effort.
  • Someone who is naturally fast and beats everyone in his race without trying.
  • Someone with natural born talents such as musical skill or artistic skill (singing, drawing).
  • An aptitude test might tell you what you can do as a career with your given talents (aptitudes)
  • Being able to pick up things with your toes.
  • Some people are born with higher IQs than others. Therefore they have a higher aptitude for intelligence than others.
  • Someone born with athletic talents to play any sport.

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