Book Definition: Intangible issues

In Your Own Words

  • Ideas that are not concrete and tangible.
  • Theories and thoughts that can’t be proven with concrete evidence but are still able to affect ones life.
  • Concepts that are non existent but can be applied to life
  • Thinking outside the box; could possibly be non-existent.
  • "If it can't hit you in the face, it's abstract" - Mr. Wray.
  • Qualities or objects which can have multiple meanings.
  • The idea that things are very odd and weird.


  • Thoughts of things such as love, dreams, freedom, and motivation.
  • Thoughts of existence or questioning how and why things happen that don't have a definite answer.
  • Being able to create examples for Psychlopedia or the LRQs
  • Thinking through the fact that if you see the color blue, another person may perceive that color as what you call green, but we both call it blue.
  • Thoughts of life, death, and rebirth.
  • Philosophical ideas.
  • Moral or political ideals.
  • Relates to irreversibility.

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