Book Definition: A projective test requiring subjects to describe what they see in a series of ten inkblots

In Your Own Words

  • Reflects sexual and aggressive behavior.
  • Making psychological inferences about someone's desires based on their interpretation of an inkblot.
  • Seeing what people can determine a random inkblot to be in real life.
  • Psychologists use this test to try to examine the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of their patients.
  • Using an inkblot interpretation as "a window to the soul".
  • Uses the defense mechanism of projection.
  • Seeing what a person perceives from a picture.


  • If a person were to look at the inkblot below and see something such as a rose garden, psychologists could describe them as a happier person.
  • If a person saw a demon or something of that nature, psychologists could say this person was depressed or more anxious than happy.
  • If a person were to see an ocean or a beach then a psychologist could determine that the person is a calm individual.

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