Book Definition: Mental representations of objects and events drawn from our direct experience.

In Your Own Words

  • The way our mind understands objects and events that we have learned by observing.
  • Second nature things
  • Things that we can visualize and understand based on our self-knowledge and observations.
  • concepts that are from our experience
  • Relates to consolidation.


  • How we know how to hold a pencil without a teacher explaining it every time.
  • How we know to chew and swallow food.
  • What the Statue of Liberty looks like.
  • How we know how to dress ourselves every morning without our parents telling us how to every morning.
  • Being able to walk without having to review how to do it every time you stand up.
  • Knowing how to run without relearning how to every day.
  • You know what color your friend's hair is without any effort put in to "learn" it.
  • How to put on clothes
  • Knowing that your socks go on before your shoes without ever being told.
  • Kicking a soccer ball without thinking about it every time.
  • The color of your eyes, you have once observed them long ago and are aware of what color they are without having to think about it, it has become second nature.