Long Term MemoryBook Definition: The third of three memory stages, with the largest capacity and longest duration; LTM stores material organized according to meaning.
Note: The LTM consists of the two subdivisions; declarative memory and procedural memory. LTM can also include Flashbulb Memory.

In Your Own Words

  • Receives information from the working memory and can store it for long periods of time.
  • Has an unlimited amount of space and it can store information for an unlimited amount of time.
  • The LTM is where everything we know is stored. We can access the information with relative ease but it also deteriorates over time.
  • Information that had been stored and perceived as short term memory, but after getting repeated or thought of over time, gets stored in LTM.
  • information that has been there for a long time, something that hasn't been forgotten


  • When you are remembering the words of a favorite song from middle school, you are accessing your LTM.
  • When you are remembering a math solution that you learned years ago, you are accessing your LTM.
  • Your first memory from childhood is held in your LTM.
  • Remembering a tragic event that occurred when you were very young.
  • Remembering your 1st grade teacher because that was your favorite teacher.
  • When you are remembering when you took your first plane ride because you were really excited, you are accessing your LTM.
  • One does not simply remember all pieces of information learned within their long term memory, only the most important pieces. long term memories

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