This page will include examples that would demonstrate how a psychological concept would apply to some hypothetical futuristic world.

Your instructions are to...
  1. Either complete the partial thought of "In the future..." like the first few examples below or edit someone else's example to make it make more sense.
  3. Link to the term that you used with the link button. At the end of the year we will take all of these mini examples and try to construct them into a futuristic story.
  4. If a term was already used once... make sure you use it in a totally different way.

Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception

  • In the future, when I get older my difference threshold will change and I not notice as well when someone turns up the volume of the TV, because I would have already reached my terminal threshold.
  • In the future, my fovea vision will be damaged because I fish a lot on a boat in the summer and the sun reflects off the ocean into my eye, so I will suffer from eye damage.
  • In the future as I go to visit my parents again for the holidays, my hippocampus and amygdala will light up, to remember the emotions and past experiences from holidays when i was a kid.
  • In the future we might have transduction for senses other than the ones we have now. For example we might one day be able to transduce wifi into sensation and be able to tell when there is wifi around through our senses.
  • In the future no one is going to have kinesthesis because everyone is going to have robots do everything for them while they sit on their butts.

  • In the future the binding problem will finally have an answer with the advances in neurotechnology. Because the neurotechnology will allow us to see how we see whole things inside someone's head.
  • In the future as I age, the rods and cones in my eyes will become weaker as the rods will have a harder time differentiating and detecting certain intensities of dim light, such as darkness which will make it harder to detect objects at night by using my photoreceptors to identify cars on a road while night driving. My cones will also become weaker, as the photoreceptors in my eyes will make it harder to classify varieties of colors and how bleak or bright they are.
  • In the future it will become harder for things to cross my absolute threshold because my body wont be as young as it is now.
  • In the future, if I move into a house along a busy road, then habituation will allow me to get used to all of the noise, because it will constantly be present.
  • In the future i will positively reinforce my child by rewarding them with money if they get honor roll or straight A's.
  • In the future gambling will be on a fixed ratio so you will win money every time.
  • In the future mind control type telekinesis will render the process of learning obsolete. In classical conditioning, it will make the process of acquisition instantaneous, changing a neutral stimulus to a conditioned stimulus in a fraction of the time. It will also change operant conditioning to be able to give out more effective positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment to encourage or discourage behavior(s).

  • In the future when I try to look back on the early stages of my life and the first time i played soccer, i can try and try but wont be able to remember due to Infantile Amnesia. Since i started playing soccer at age 3 or 4.
  • In the future I will not remember what my high school years were like due to retroactive interference. Because the memory of what my college was like is the most recent and new information, the old memory of my high school years is blocked. The newer material is preventing the retrieval of the older material
  • In the future everyone will have cognitive maps so mazes will become obsolete.
  • In the future we will have training to strengthen our flash bulb memory so much to the point where no event could ever be forgotten.
  • In the future, many individuals may demonstrate hindsight bias in ridiculing the actions of the president when, saying, "I knew he was making a bad decision", when, in fact, they could not have know that a particular decision would result in an unfavorable outcome.
  • In the future, I will remember how to ride my bike due to procedural memory, because I have already learned the steps in doing so.
  • In the future and when I am older I will not be able to remember what I wore on the first day of middle school because of transience.
  • In the future Absent-mindedness will not exist because we will come up with technology that will help us focus on multiple subjects at once efficiently and retain all information.
  • In the future a bomb will explode hitting people around in the head giving them Anterograde Amnesia, no one will now be able to form any new memories.
  • In the future my ‍‍‍‍‍‍Absent mindness ‍‍‍‍‍‍will keep me from focusing on more than one thing at a time.
  • In the future Episodic memory will help me remember my birthday.
  • In the future when i become a pro soccer player i hope my passion and love for the game does degrade due to overjustification, i want to love the game not a paycheck.
  • In the future I will play a poker game and become rich because of my emotional intelligence. I will be able to mask my emotions so well that I will win.
  • in the future people will all be less depressed