This page will include examples that would demonstrate how a psychological concept would or could be a major part of an alternate reality. THINK MOVIE TRAILER. Think of a way that our world could be different based on the term you are using. See the first few examples for guidance. Feel free to record and post movie trailer videos.

Your instructions are to...
    1. Either complete the partial thought of "In a world..." like the first few examples below or edit someone else's example to make it make more sense.
    2. ALWAYS USE PSYCHOLOGICAL TERMS FROM PSYCHLOPEDIA in your examples. And use them in context! Justify why by using words like "Because."
    3. Link to the term that you used with the link button. At the end of the year we will take all of these mini examples and try to construct them into one whole alternate reality.
    4. If a term was already used once... make sure you use it in a different way.

  • In a world where sensory adaptation did not exist, the pool would never feel warmer, because people would never get used to the temperature.
  • In a world where transduction did not exist, people would not respond to stimuli, because sensory information would not be converted into neural messages for the brain to interpret.
  • In a world where absolute threshold did not exist, people would not be able to hear the sound of a piano, even if a musician was playing it directly next to them.
  • In a world where cones did not exist, people would never get the chance to perceive colors, because the photoreceptors in the retina that are particularly sensitive to color would be nonexistent.
  • In a world where the placebo effect did not exist, people would be taking all kinds of strong medicine for pain relief that may contain serious side effects because there would be no substitute that creates the same expectation and relief as if it were the actual drug.
  • In a world where bottom-up processing did not exist, people would always perceive the whole, or the group of stimuli, before they perceived an individual stimulus.
  • In a world where perceptual set did not exist, assassins would have an easier job with killing people due to the fact that people would have no focused alertness therefore making them an easier target for assassins to kill without them noticing.
  • In a world where stimulation did not exist, people would never be able to taste their pizza because they can not sense what is happening.
  • In a world where rods did not exist, people would not be able to see in dim places because rods are sensitive to dim light but not colors.
  • In a world where cones did not exist, man kind would not be able to perceive colors very well in bright conditions.
  • In a world where color blindness did not exist, no man would have to go through life mixing up the color of their socks because they would all be able to discriminate certain colors.
  • In a world where perception did not exist, you would never be able to tell the difference in note changes in any song.
  • in a world where closure did not exist we would not be able to fill in our blind spot, because closure fills in our blind so we wont freak out.
  • In a world where Weber's Law doesn't exist, it'd be just as easy to notice a speed change from 0 mph to 10 as 100 mph to 110.
  • In a world where top down processing did not exist, you would not be able to perceive the details in something such as if you are looking at a map, you would not know where you are because you are only focusing on the map as a whole.
  • In a world where Temporal Lobes have evolved to the point were could hear so well that everything crosses are absolute threshold.
  • In a world where monocular and binocular cues did not exist, at one moment a wall will be 40 feet away, and at the next moment you will have run into that wall.
  • in a world where color blindness did not exist, men would run traffic lights constantly and cause chaos.
  • In a world without sleep paralysis, everyone would act out their dreams and wake up with injuries.
  • In a world without learning, people's behavior would rely solely on instincts, because they wouldn't be able to evolve based on past experiences.
  • In a world with extreme rewards those who clean their room recieve 100 dollars.This is an example of positive reinforcement.
  • In a world where every teenager were positively reinforced every time they got great grades, more teenagers would strive for better grades because they are getting rewarded for doing something good which is going to continue to cause good behavior.
  • In a world without Observational Learning, people wouldn't be able to learn anything from other's actions/behaviors, which means you'll have to learn from your own experiences rather than copying someone's else's behavior.
  • In a world where condition stimulus does not exist, one would have to learn how to use the toilet everyday due to the fact that grasping new ideas would be difficult and one would never be able to learn how to potty train correctly because one would never be able to be conditioned to use a toilet.
  • In a world where Negative Punishment did not occur, everyone would go around doing things like fighting and talking back to their superiors because nothing ever happened to them in ways of punishment to teach them that certain behaviors are wrong and that certain actions cause heavy consequence.
  • In a world where Positive Reinforcement didn't exist no one would strive to do better or work hard because there wouldn't be any reward or incentive for doing the good acts.
  • In a world without Stimulus Discrimination Jacob Donahue would be terrified of flying objects like dragonflies because he was attacked by a flock of birds at age 4.
  • in a world with so many places I cannot possibly have a cognitive map for every area but I do have one in places like my home where I have navigated before.
  • In a world without a working memory I cannot possibly remember any ones faces associate with their name.
  • In a world where semantic memory does not exist, one would never associate the furry, loving creatures that greet their owners at home with the word "dogs," because semantic memory is one's memory for meaning.
  • In a world where long-term memory doesn't exist there isn't such a thing as "Oh I remember now!"
  • In a world where infantile amnesia did not exist, everyone would be scared for life, because they are able to remember their birth, and every little thing that happened as a child.
  • In a world where procedural memory did not exist, it would be extremely difficult to play sports because you would have to focus on how to do simple tasks such as running.
  • In a world full of many distractions, one experiences absent-mindedness on a daily basis, this explains why important items, such as car keys, homework, and cell phones are often misplaced.
  • In a world where the TOT phenomenon does not exist, people would not get frustrated because they know a word but can not recall it.
  • In a world without infantile amnesia you would be able to remember events from the day you were born.
  • In a world where representative bias did not exist, racism would not exist because other races would not stereotype each other as a result of other races categorizing races due to some stereotypes
  • In a world where there is no such thing as microexpressions, people would never be able to tell how others are feeling just by looking at them.
  • In a world where everyone is a sensation seeker, everybody would be found rock climbing, skydiving, and doing other dangerous activities; this is because they all have a biological need for higher levels of stimulation (achieved by doing these dangerous activities).
  • In a world where there are lots of teenage mood swings; I can tell this person is sad because of Emotion
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  • In a world where arond every corner lurks a horrible disater, people are always experiencing a Tramatic Stressor
  • In a world with no chunking, you can forget about remembering the hot waiters phone number you received at dinner.
  • In a world where you are paid to eat candy, you may find that you are only eating it for the money and not the enjoyment due to overjustification.
  • In a world without the fight or flight response, people wouldn't be prepared to protect themselves from bears they run into while camping.
  • In a world where all people had 1 minute to live, my stage of resistance would impact me by not caring what happens inside that 1 minute.
  • In a world where there is constant warfare people would experience traumatic stressors because they feel unsafe and at risk.
  • In a world without sleep paralysis, it would be like the walking dead every night and those with insomnia who are up and conscious at night would be super freaked out by those effected.
  • In a world where there was only approach-approach conflict, everyone would be happy because everyone would have two amazing choices.
  • In a world where display rules don't exist, we would have no problem identifying emotions across every culture because we would all share same views on how and when we should convey emotion.
  • In a world where approach approach conflict doesn't exist it wouldn't be as hard to make a deicision of whether to get starbucks or caribou.
  • In a world where everyone had Eidetic Memory everyone would have perfect grades because they would be able to remember even the smallest details of what they have seen in school.
  • In a world where Contact Comfort exists to calm the baby when he/she is crying. The caretaker/mother will hold the child in her arms when the baby won't sleep or is feeling disturbed. This shows that the baby prefers safety before anything else.