Book Definition: occurs when "accidental" speech or behavior belies an unconscious conflict or desire "parapraxis"

In Your Own Words

  • Saying or doing something "on accident" because you unconsciously wanted to.
  • Words that come from repressed memories in the unconsious.
  • Your unconscious feelings unintentionally slip out even though you tried to cover them up.


  • While leaving a boring party, you thank the host and say "I really had a terrible-I mean terrific- time".
  • On a date with a new girlfriend and you accidentally call her your old girlfriend's name.
  • Saying to your girlfriend "I wish you were her", when you meant to say "I wish you were here."
  • Calling someone the wrong name after kissing them.
  • "I have been on trial for three months and I am proud to say that I have spent over $200,000 on judges, uh, I mean lawyers." - a corrupt Italian dictator.
  • When a guy who is cheating confuses name of his girlfriend with mistress's name .
  • When someone thanks you for a task you didnt enjoy you say "My problem, no pleasure" instead of " No problem, my pleasure".
  • When trying to order a 'Dos Equis' from a good looking waitress, you accidently order 'Dos Sex'.
  • When you're talking to your teacher and accidentally call her mom.
  • Oh hey Karen.. I MEAN CHRISTINE! NOOOO! CATHERINE!!! *gets slapped*
  • Your told your aunt that you hate has died and you say, "That's awesome!", instead of "That's awful!"
  • You ask an attractive female coworker to take your shift for you, and you say, "Thanks, you're the breast." instead of best.
  • Mr. Wray's college professor taking attendances recognizes a girl and says "I must have a pornographic memory!" meaning photgraphic.