Book Definition: Measures whether a test looks like it tests what it is supposed to test.

In Your Own Words

  • If at first glance the test looks like it tests what it should be tested on.
  • When you look at the test, it looks like it's testing the subject you were told it would.


  • If our Psych chapter test was written in Binary Code, it would have no face validity because no one would understand the test (minus 2 or 3 people).
  • If you are being tested on how to graph equations in math, and you see empty graphs on the test, it has face validity.
  • If your Spanish test was written in Japanese, it would have no face validity.
  • If you go to a Basketball Game and you see a Field Goal Post, it doesn't have Face Validity.
  • If your astronomy test has pictures of planets and stars then it has face validity.

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