Definition: A division of Long Term Memory that stores explicit information; also known as fact memory. Declarative memory has two subdivisions: Episodic Memory and Semantic Memory.

Quite Simply...

Examples of Declarative Memory

  • Your brain stores specific facts about the country of Austria, such as there are 14,000 kangaroos, for a history test.
  • Your brain storing formulas that you will need on your math test.
  • When you know all the key battles of WWII and who won each battle.
  • Knowing types of dinosaurs, what they ate and where they lived.
  • Knowing the presidents of the United States and the years in which they served.

See Also...

  • Explicit Memory, which is another term used interchangeably with Declarative Memory.
  • Implicit Memory, another part of LTM, but is the opposite of Declarative Memory.
  • Procedural Memory, which is a subdivision of Implicit Memory, and is knowing "how"
  • Priming

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