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Book Definition:
Language Acquisition Device (LAD): a biologically organized mental structure in the brain that facilitates the learning of language because it is innately programmed with some of the fundamental rules of grammar.

Language is one characteristic that is unique to humans.
Every child is born with Universal Grammar, where the Broca's Area deals with production of Universal Grammar, and the Warnick's Area deals with understanding.

Rule #1- Children have the innate feature to differentiate between Nouns and Verbs when they are learning how to speak.
Some languages don't follow the universal rules.

Ex. The deaf children that were not taught any sign language learning how to communicate between one another, creating there own type of sign language.
Ex: different cultures have many different names for one word
Ex: a child and a kitten bot have inductive reasoning if they are exposed to the same speech only the child will be able to understand and acquire that knowledge.