Ellie, a new student at Skinner High School, is determined to make friends. When she attends the first psychology club meeting she finds herself in a room with twenty strangers who seem to know each other well. She plans to attend a few more meetings before deciding whether she will join.
A. Demonstrate how each of the following could HELP play a role in Ellie’s quest for friendship. You may use a difference example for each concept. Definitions will not score.
• The mere exposure effect
• Mnemonic device
• Schachter two-factor theory
• Locus of control
B. Demonstrate how each of the following could HINDER Ellie’s quest for friendship. You may use
a different example for each concept. Definitions will not score.
• In-group bias
• Regression
• Operant Conditioning
• Circadian rhythm

A. The mere exposure effect, a learned preference for stimuli to which we have been previously exposed, could help Ellie greatly. Being a new student, she does not know any of the people at Skinner High School. The mere exposure effect could be applicable in this situation because she would have been exposed to the twenty strangers at the psychology club meeting. Therefore, she is more likely to be friends with them, because she is attracted to them by merely being exposed to them. The mere exposure affect could affect her situation outside of psychology club. For those who are in it, they may recognize her in school greet themselves because they have been predisposed to her.

Ellie could use a mnemonic device
, a technique to improve memory, in order to help her remember the names of the club members that she meets. This would also help her to remember club members' interests so she could have conversations easily. For example, Ellie could use the mnemonic device called Natural language mediators to make up a story that would associate the group member's names and interests to meaningful word patterns.

If Ellie has an internal locus of control, being able to have control over her own mind and personal life, she will believe that her ability to make friends in the club is because of her wanting to make friends. If she has an external locus of control, she will believe that it is the other students fault for not approaching her and not trying to make her feel welcome. She also might expect that they are the ones who control the situation, and therefore they have to approach her first. She might also feel more comfortable engaging in a conversation if she has a good internal locus of control.

If members of the group which Ellie is attempting to join had in-group bias, then when Ellie tries to join this group she will be viewed as part of the out-group, and not be excepted. Therefore her quest for friendship would be unsuccessful. Also, the group may have their own ideas about psychology that Ellie doesn't share. This may also display her as an outsider and will make the groupthink even stronger among the current club members.

According to Freud, Ellie could develop an immature way to deal with the stress of becoming friends with the new people at her school. She could hide, cry, throw things, or maybe wet her pants like she might have done when she was younger. She might act out in a way that she normally wouldn't behave and therefor ruining her chances of making any friends.the main reason for this happening would be a temporary reverse of the ego to an earlier stage of development.

Being a new student at Skinner High School, Ellie could have moved from a different state with a different time zone. Once Ellie has moved to the new state with a different time zone she could become jet lagged which could affect her new pattern of sleep. If Ellie is not getting enough sleep this can affect her mood and personality when it comes to her making new friends. This is how circadian rhythm can hinder Ellie.

If Ellie was attending the psychology club just because her parents are giving her some sort of reinforcement, and thats all shes worried about, then that could hinder her from making friends because shes not really into making friends at first but just get the reinforcement shes getting from her parents.