Book Definition:lies at the top of the needs hierarchy, motivating us to seek the fullest development of our creative human potential. Self-actualizing persons are self-aware,self-accepting, socially responsive, spontaneous, and open to novelty and challenge.

In Your Own Words

  • it's your need to fulfill or to obtain your full potential, and have meaningful goals.
  • the very last stage in priority in order to be happy.
  • the need to be able to set goals and reach them and be able to accept one's self.


  • An example of a self-actualizing person is a person who accepts themselves, sets realistic and meaningful goals and accepts change. Example: Eleanor Rosevelt
  • An example of a person who is not self-actualizing is a person who dislikes themselves, has no goals in life, and refuses to accept change.
  • An example of a self actualizing person is a person who likes themselves, is able to set goals for themselves, and can accept change.
  • Someone who achieves to their best personal ability and faces every situation head on.

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