Definition: Stimuli that are used to bring a memory to consciousness or into behavior.

Quite Simply...

  • Smells, emotions (etc.) that trigger and bring memories to mind
  • Anything that helps you recall a memory, where the stronger the hint is, the easier it is to remember the memory.
  • The stronger the retrieval cue, the easier it will be for the memory to appear
  • "Search terms" for your memory.

Examples of Retrevial Cues

  • The smell of fresh-baked cookies remind you of your grandmother's house
  • A war veteran who suffers from PTSD may hear a loud boom from a firework which triggers a memory of him at war
  • Those who suffer from deprssion may be so caught up in that state of mind they contiue to think of sad or depressing thoughts
  • Seeing a picture of the character Dory from Finding Nemo reminds you of psych class because thats how you learned the definition of maintenance rehearsal.
  • Seeing the local park which reminds you of when you fell off the monkey bars and broke your arm for the first time
  • Multiple choice test questions have retrieval cues in the questions and since the correct answer is on the page
  • When your friend tries to remind you about an event, he will bring up retrieval ques, or detail of the event, in order to jog your memory.

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