Definition: A brain-stem structure that regulates brain activity during sleep and dreaming.


  • The name "pons" derives from the Latin word for "bridge."


  • Pons are located in the Brain Stem, which, house nerve circuits that regulate sleep, dreaming, and respiration. They are similar to bridges by giving a pathway to help send messages from the Cortex and Cerebellum.

Examples of Pons

  • Pons assists in Controlling Autonomic Functions..
  • They Regulate Sleep, REM sleep and dreams
  • Located in Parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Some children have undeveloped pons which results in children going into fight or flight over safe situations such as a mother asking her child to clean up her room. This can result into temper tantrums and injuries as well.
  • Involved in motor control, and sensory analysis.
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Number 5 is the pons


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