Book Definition: A member of a religious order or ministry who specializes in treatment of psychological disorders. Combines spiritual guidance with practical counseling.

In Your Own Words

  • A member of a religious organization who mixes the beliefs of the religion with those of practical psychologists.
  • A psychologist who belongs to a certain religion and uses a mixture of modern counseling and religious advice in therapy.
  • A church psychologist/counselor.


  • Many ministers will listen to the members of the congregation's problems, and try to help with those problems.
  • In Catholicism, Confessional booths are a place for a person to divulge secrets and get guidance in total anonymity.
  • Some religions require an engaged couple to go through counseling before they are married in their religious institution.
  • Priest in a Christian church
  • A modern core-shamanism counselor who uses core concepts from psychology and indigenous religions in order to help patient work through problems.