Book Definition:

Any brain process that does not involve conscious processing, including both preconscious memories and unconscious processes. It has no restrictions and can work on multiple tasks at once.

In more technical terms, consciousness must process information serially, while nonconscious brain circuits can process many streams of information in parallel.

The nonconscious mind can be split into two levels:

Things that go on in your brain that you are not aware of.

In Your Own Words

  • Brain processes that are done without your conscious awareness.
  • Multi-tasking without thinking.
  • Completing or doing task that you do not have to think twice about.
  • Autopilot


  • Being able to tap your foot, chew gum, blink and read at the same time.
  • Your nonconscious mind being able to chew food, breathe, listen to music, and type simultaneously.
  • The ability to read (comprehending/retaining the contents of the reading) while eating dinner and having the television on.
  • Having the ability to text, hold a conversation, breathe, and watch the television all at the same time without thinking about it.
  • The ability to ride a bike, breath, talk, keep track of the edges of road/trail, and keep your balance.
  • Your Heart pumping blood throughout your body is a nonconscious process.
  • While driving in a car, you can listen to the stereo, talk to someone, while driving in a straight line in your lane on road all at the same time.

All without thinking about
All without thinking about