Characterized by a grandiose sense of self-importance, a preoccupation with fantasies of success or power, and a need for constant attention or admiration.

History (Optional)

The term "narcissistic" is is a derivative from the Greek mythological character Narcissu, a hero renowned for his beauty. He was cruel in that he disdains those who loved him. As punishment he falls in love with a reflection in a pool, and dies there, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection. Thus, we get the derive "narcissistic" which so accurately describes the effect of narcissistic personality disorder.

In Your Own Words

  • Being full of yourself to the point that you think you can do anything and that everyone loves you.
  • Believing that you should be treated like royalty.
  • Being conceited and vain.
  • An increased sense of self confidence, selfishness, and expectation of others to revere you.
  • Extreme cockiness where you value yourself move than others.
  • Exaggeration on self-importance


  • Your boss, who's a real jerk to everyone, thinks that they are the most important person in the company when really they're not and constantly need people telling him/her that she/he is amazing, loved, and great.
  • Pablo Picasso, who some believe was the greatest artist of the twentieth century, was a monster. In every relationship, with men, women, and his own children, he demanded adoration and in return dominated, manipulated, betrayed. Any friend who was less than doting and obedient didn’t last.
  • A person with a narcissistic personality disorder would express annoyance, rather than empathy, when a friend has to cancel plans due to a death in their family.
  • A man who talks only about himself, about what he does, and makes everything he does sound glorious. He only cares about what he wants, and won't even care about what his family wants, even in ridiculous circumstances.
  • Ke$ha, who thinks the party doesn't start till she walks in.
  • When you believe that there should be a day to recognize you as the most important person
  • When you believe you're God himself
  • A girl believing she is so pretty that she has to constantly look in the mirror and take pictures of herself, then post them on facebook for people to "like" and make comments

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Pablo Picasso

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