Book Definition: All the processes involved in starting, directing, and maintaining physical and psychological activities.

In Your Own Words

  • Anything that drives you to reach a destination, need, or goal.
  • Reasoning that makes a person do something.
  • Ambition to complete a specific task.


  • Need for a scholarship for basketball makes one work hard in practice and do even better in games.
  • When you want to pass your AP test and you feel like you should give up because you think you can't pass it, you look to someone or something that will motivate you to pass.
  • Knowing that you need a certain SAT score to get into the college you want will motivate you to study hard and get that score.
  • Commercials that convince you to buy certain products, motivating a person through entertainment and persuasion.
  • When there's a certain college you want to go to, you're motivated to make good grades and earn a high GPA to be accepted.
  • When trying to achieve a desirable weight, you think of all the outcomes such as skinny and healthy to use as motivation.
  • Wanting to win a game motivates you to play your best.
  • You want a good grade on a test. The want motivates you to study.
  • Wanting to [[#|build strength]] motivates you to workout more and lift heavier weights.
  • If you develop a dream to become a professional dancer then that will motivate you to work harder in your dance [[#|classes]].
  • To connect this to an emotional motivation: If you know that surprising your mom on her birthday will bring her an immense amount of joy, then that would serve as your motivation you bring her a surprise.
  • When someone is working at their job, their paycheck they get is their motivation to work.

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