Book Definition:The Gestalt principle that we tend to group similar objects together in our perceptions

In Your Own Words

  • The way we group things together based on similar aspects ( look, sound, texture, taste, etc.)
  • We group things that are alike.
  • We tend to group similar shapes together and often times, we try to attach some type of meaning to them


  • Grouping fruits by what type of fruit they are, their size, their shape and their color.
  • Grouping the players on a football team based on the color jersey that they are wearing.
  • Grouping laundry by color or type of clothes
  • Organizing winter and summer clothes because they are alike.
  • Organizing a group of dogs by their species.
  • Grouping rides that involve water together at an amusement park.

The cases of soda in this display at Walmart... the law of similarity allows us to be able to differentiate the field-goal posts from the field etc.

external image similarity.jpg


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