6499821211_3b0f6c5544_z.jpgDefinition: The symbolic meanings behind objects and events in dreams . These meanings are usually interpreted based on psychoanalytic theory. Sigmund Freud believed that the Latent Content of a dream had to do with wish fulfillment.

In Simpler Terms...

  • External conditions in someone's life, produce symbolic meanings in dreams.
  • Explains that dreams may have a deeper meaning than what's at the suface.


  • Sexual conflicts may cause dreams involving long rigid objects or containers
  • Dreaming every night that you spent time with your friend for the day and in reality your friend is over seas; the latent content of the dream would be that you miss your friend.
  • Dreaming about your older sibling leaving you somewhere by yourself, the latent content would be that you are scared for when they go off to college.
  • Having a dream about being left behind; the latent content may be that your scared of being alone in the future.
  • The latent content of a dream involving clocks might involve fear of the menstrual cycle or one's sexuality. (From the book.)
  • Have a dream about being chased by a grand piano. Latent content- You are nervous about a piano recital you have to perform at.
  • Dreaming that you're falling after purchasing a house may be interpreted to the fear of falling into debt.

See Also...

  1. Sigmund Freud- A Physician who opted for the psychoanalytic method of treating mental disorders.
  2. Dream Analysis- Using the manifest content of a dream for clues that relate to latent motives and conflicts that may lurk in the unconscious.