Definition: The amount of trait variation within a group, raised under the same conditions, that can be attributed to genetic differences.


  • The amount of variation in a trait within a population that is due to influences of genetics and genetic variations within a gene pool.
  • Differences in traits and intelligence within a group of individuals raised in the same conditions.
  • Differences between equally experienced members are apparent due to differences in genetics.
  • The nurture is the same; therefore, the differences must be because of nature.

Examples Of Heritability

  • Two adopted children who grow up in the same family, hence same environment, score differently on an IQ test. Their difference in intelligence must be because of their different biological parents.
  • The ninja babies in the "Nice Ninja " movie/skit/documentary.They all grew up the same, and had the same nurture, but had differences like being tall or short or nice, which are all due to genetics.
  • In the children's series Madeline all the girls live in a boarding school- they all have the same environment, so many differences such as Madeline's leadership are likely due to genetics.
  • Another example: flowers grown in the same field are raised in the same conditions but are different (color, size, height). Therefore their differences are due to genetics.
  • Two half brothers raised in the same environment, with the same mother, same discipline act completely different. One is outgoing and one is introverted this is probably due to the genetics from the different fathers.
  • Two different puppies raised by the same owner at the same time act completely different around strangers. One acts defensive while the othe acts playful. Most likely due to genetics.