Book Definition: A subdivision of declarative memory that stores memory for personal events, or "episodes."

In Your Own Words

  • A part in your memory that allows you to relocate recent events that have happened.
  • In addition to remembering the events themselves, you also have a sense of when and where they occurred.
  • Think of "Episodic" as "Episode" like an event rather than a detail
  • Like your internal diary or autobiography.
  • Stores memory of personal events that have happened to you


  • Remembering exactly what happened on your 21st birthday.
  • Being able to remember one of your favorite summer [[#|vacations]].
  • Recalling the events of your graduation like your mom crying and being obnoxious.
  • Remebering your wedding day and the order of events.
  • Remembering where you were and what you were doing when the attacks happened on 9/11!
  • Remembering your 12th birthday and what happened that day.
  • Retrieving the memory from your trip to Disney world when you where 9.
  • Remembering your first and last day of senior year
  • Remembering the first time you broke a bone
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