Book Definition: This form of "couples counseling" may involve one or more couples who are learning to clarify their communication patterns and improve the quality of their interaction (with each other).

In Your Own Words

  • Married couples or couples hoping to get married seek help from a therapist to improve communication between each other.
  • Help couples or families better learn to understand one another.
  • Therapists can help the partners identify the verbal and non verbal styles they use to dominate, control, or confuse each other.
  • Problems within a family to be reevaluated by someone else for better communication and help for a happier outcome(for the family)
  • Family members learning how to help another with a disorder
  • If conflict arises between family, they go as a group to a professional to talk about it.


  • In the comedy movie "How to Lose a Guy In Ten Days, Andie and Ben go to couples therapy when they start having tension in their relationship.
  • In, "What Happens In Vegas", the couple has to go to "couples counseling", and work out their problems in communication and just getting along.
  • The parents and children who may have a stepmother or father might go to family counseling.
  • In "Everybody Loves Raymond" they have friends that have experienced couples counseling that has helped them see the arguments.
  • Families experiencing conflicts, such as a divorce, will attend family counseling
  • Angelina and Jose from Jersey Shore go on VH1 reality couples therapy tv show
  • Hulk Hogans exwife and boyfriend (in his 20s) go on VH1 reality couples therapy tv show
  • The marital and sexual conflicts that were discussed between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their counselor in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Going to a therapy with your mom to discuss your feelings between each other,
  • In the movie The Country Bears, one of the main bear characters becomes a couples counselor. It's funny because he needs couple counseling but he's giving other people advice on how to handle their problems.
  • A family who has new family members and constantly argue, so to help stop the arguing they go to a counseling all together

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