Book Definition:

A type of reinforcement schedule by which all correct responses are enforced.

In Your Own Words

  • A continuous positive stimulus that encourages learning/teaching something new.
  • A reward is given for every time you do something good.
  • Similar to intermittent reinforcement, but the reward is given each time the correct behavior is performed.


  • When teaching a dog a new trick they are constantly rewarded every time they perform the new task.
  • When a kid does their chores, you pay them every time for the chores they did, so they know that they did a good job. This makes them want to do more chores to get more money.
  • When you are teaching someone how to play a sport, you encourage them by telling them they did a good job each time.
  • Always finishing vegetables you get a desert.
  • Giving a child a smiley face sticker for every good grade they get.
  • Every time you read in class or help out in class you get a pride buck.
  • Buying a child a new video game or toy every time they get honor roll.
  • Getting the next day off of practice every time you win a game.
  • For every A on my report card, I get rewarded $20.
  • Getting a reward for every goal scored.