Book Definition: [[#|Forms]] of learning, such as [[#|classical]] conditioning and operant conditioning, that can be described in terms of stimuli and responses.

Two types:

In Your Own Words

  • Learning things over and over again until you act without having to think about it.
  • Learning through exposure to different stimuli.
  • Learning that affects your behavior and reaction in a long term.
  • Branch of psychologythat focuses on observable behaviors.
  • Learning something until it becomes second nature.
  • the thing you can control which is voluntary


  • Reacting to the bell in [[#|school]] (stimuli) by leaving class. (response)
  • When it's cold outside you wear something that keeps you warm.
  • When you hear your [[#|alarm]] clock, you [[#|get]] out of bed without thinking.
  • When someone is about to punch you (stimuli) you flinch or jump (response)
  • If a baby plays with fire then gets burned, he/she will learn not to do it again.
  • When a bear presses a [[#|button]] he gets food.

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