Book Definition: A conflict in which one must choose between two equally attractive options.

History (Optional)

Conflicts are not all equally severe. A conflict between two desired gratifications, as when a youth has to choose between two attractive and practicable [[#|careers]], may lead to some vacillation but rarely to great distress. A conflict between two dangers or threats is usually more disturbing.

In Your Own Words

  • Having to make a decision between two good things.
  • Choosing between two equally appealing options.
  • A win-win situation, "good" "good"


  • Choosing between going to the movies with friends or attending another friend's party.
  • Choosing between Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, when asked who is better looking.
  • Deciding whether to go to Chick-fil-A or Chipotle for dinner, when both sound equally appealing.
  • Having to choose between going to Hawaii or Greece; you've been wanting to go to both.
  • Deciding which of Mr. Cizek's or Mr. Ray's LRQ questions to answer at the beginning of class if you did the reading the night before and understand all of the material.
  • Choosing between a Mac or a Windows PC.
  • Choosing between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini.
  • Deciding whether to watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Back to the Future trilogy.
  • Choosing between playing hockey or watching hockey.
  • Choosing between cake or ice cream at a birthday party.
  • Choosing between which dress to wear to homecoming when both choices are really cute.
  • Deciding if you want a mansion with a hot tub or a mansion with an indoor pool.
  • Choosing between buying a iPhone 5s or the new galaxy\
  • Choosing between playing my two favorite sports basketball or football with my friends.

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