This page will include examples that would demonstrate how you could use a psychological concept in a complaint about humans or how the world could be different in relationship to a psychological concept. Complain away!

Your instructions are to...
  1. Either complete the partial thought of "Why can't..." like the first few examples below or edit someone else's example to make it make more sense.
  2. ALWAYS USE PSYCHOLOGICAL TERMS FROM PSYCHLOPEDIA in your examples. And use them in context! Justify why by using words like "Because."
  3. Link to the term that you used with the link button.
  4. If a term was already used once... make sure you use it in a totally different way.

  • Why can't society agree on the particular schema that when someone of the opposite sex asks a peer out to dinner, it is expected that the dinner will be considered a date?
  • Why can't our absolute threshold for annoying comments in the hallway be much higher so that we can't hear them?
  • Why can't we seem to teach people to have less confirmation bias when thinking about things that they already agree with? If they had less confirmation bias they'd be more open minded.
  • Why can't I hide my angry emotional reactions? Whenever I'm trying to keep it cool my Amygdala lashes out in a fit of rage. It's embarrassing.
  • Why can't my mom give me more money for my good grades? Its still positive reinforcement.
  • Why can't snakes be a neutral stimulus? I use to be fine with them but I've been scared ever since i woke up with one in my bed.
  • Why can't my dad just buy me a new phone. It could be considered positive reinforcement for me bringing my grades up.
  • Why can't I just have my laptop back? my mom used Negative Punishment by taking it away after I stayed out past my curfew on a school night.
  • Why can't I remember living in Australia? I only have memory of living inside the United States even though my parents remind me of our life in Australia all the time. It's because of Infantile amnesia that I can't remember those life experiences from my young years.
  • Why can't I remember what the name of the man I just met 10 minutes ago? Most likely because I have Anterograde Amnesia. Last time I checked I was 7 now I'm 16.
  • Why can't you complete a painting after you've made a small mistake? You can only seem to focus on that mistake on the page and begin to think your painting is ruined, due to Anchoring bias.
  • Why can't I remember my friends from kindergarten? Must be Infantile amnesia,
  • Why can't I remember that actor from that one movie I watched with my friends last week? The TOT phenomena I swear...
  • Why can't my current relationship not be going through problems, so I figured I'd try fixing it the way I did with my ex and it didn't work. I tried to apply mental set in my current relationship and it failed.
  • Why can't there be one algorithm to solve every problem? That way there would never be a problem unsolved because algorithms guarantee a correct answer
  • Why can't I have eidetic imagery, I would do so much better in school on tests because I would be able to remember all the information on the review guides.
  • Why cant I properly encode how to tie my shoes? If i encoded this concept i would never have trouble remembering how to tie them when the time came.
  • Why can't my locus of control always be internal? That way, I could feel like I have absolute control over what happens in my life and the decisions I make.
  • I'm really nervous about my test next class and my hearts beating really fast and my hands are clammy thanks to Alarm Reaction.
  • Casper seems to have Learned helplessness, if he were able to have a little more hope in believing, and not give up when the odds may seem down, he would lose a lot less league matches.
  • Why can't everyone have self-actualizing personalities? That way, all people would feel accepted and could be able to focus on realizing their own individual potential.