Book Definition: Transformation of one form of energy into another especially the nerve signals by the sense organs.

In Your Own Words

  • When physical energy gets transformed into nerve signals
  • The transfer of energy from outside the body to the brain.
  • Sensation is transducted as a perception for the brain to understand.
  • Transduction involves a physical outside force which takes the form as neural messages.
  • The process of "translating" the sensation received into neural messages that the brain can comprehend. Transduction = translation.
  • The process of information getting transduced into nerve cells.
  • Transduction occurs with all five senses, Taste, Smell, Hearing, [[#|Sight]], and Touch.
  • In the ear it occurs in the cochlea, in the nose it occurs in the taste buds, and in hearing it occurs in the inner ear.
  • Transducting = Transforming
  • The conversion of physical energy into neural messages.
  • includes the five sense in which processes information


  • Taste of foods gets transduced into a neural message: i.e. when your tongue licks an ice cream cone the taste of the ice cream is tranducted into a neural message.
  • Looking out the window; light gets transformed in your eyeball into a neural message.
  • When you look into the sky and see a rainbow, these light waves become neural messages making you see all the different [[#|colors]] within a rainbow.
  • The heat energy from a hot stove is tranduced onto your finger tips, and it goes into your brain as "hot"
  • If you prick your finger on something sharp, pain sensations are sent through neural messages and into the brain, telling it that the object can hurt.
  • When you put an ice cube in your mouth, a neural message gets sent to your brain as cold.
  • When the cold air touches your skin as you walk outside, your body turns this into a neural message to let your brain know that its cold outside.