Book Definition: the aggressive, destructive impulse


From the Ftreudian Psychodynamic Theory
"thanatos" is one of the two unconscious motivations of your mind in your id.
Thanatos is the Greek word for "death".

In Your Own Words

  • The part of you that has negative impulses.
  • Basis for acts of human aggression and destruction.
  • The fear of death.


  • Starting a nasty rumor about the girl that 'stole' the guy you have a crush on.
  • The want to hurt someone that is mean to you.
  • The want of an empire to crush small countries.
  • The thought, "Just nuke them to end the war."
  • Someone makes a snide comment that makes you want to act aggressively by hitting them.
  • Punching someone for looking at you rudely.
  • Relief of wartime traumas through nightmare and hallucinations.
  • The want to see your favorite team blowout another team that you hate so much.
  • Going around and murdering everyone.
  • Wanting to hit your siblings in the face when they say something you don't like.