Temporal Lobe

The temporal lobe is located on the bottom section of the brain. This lobe is also the location of the primary auditory cortex, which is important for interpreting sounds and the language we hear. The hippocampus is also located in the temporal lobe, which is why this portion of the brain is also heavily associated with the formation of memories.

Quite Simply...

  • The temporal lobe interprets auditory stimuli.
  • Processes stimuli to help identify what you hear.
  • Stores knowledge and recognition of non verbal communication.

Examples of Temporal Lobes

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The Temporal Lobes:
  • are involved in sound registry.
  • are involved in memory.
  • are involved in hearing.
  • are involved in meaning and language.
  • House of the auditory cortex, which helps you make sense of the sounds, especially speech sounds.
  • When understanding the measurement of music, the temporal lobes are essential.
  • Temporal lobes are essential when interpreting what the teacher is trying to explain.
  • Because the hippocampus is also located in the temporal lobes, memories from your childhood are retrievable because of the temporal lobes.
  • The temporal lobe also allows you to recognize faces after meeting new people.

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