Definition: The scientific study of behavior and mental process.


Greek root: Psyche- "mind"
-ology- " a field of study"

Quite Simply...

  • Psychology is the study of the mind.
  • Psychology is the study of what and why humans do the things we do.
  • Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes


  • Behavioral psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Experimental psychology
  • Teaching of psychology
  • Applied psychology
  • Research psychology


  • Industrial and organization psychologists- Sometimes called I/O Psychologists, they specialize in modifying the work environment to maximize productivity and morale.
  • Sports psychologists- work with athletes to help maximize their performance.
  • Engineering psychologists- work at the interface between people and equipment.
  • School Psychologist- have expertise in the problems of teaching and learning.
  • Rehabilitation psychologist- serve with physicians, nurses, counselors and social workers on teams that may treat patients with both physical and mental disorders.
  • Clinical psychologists/counseling psychologists- work with people who have problems with social or emotional adjustment or those who face difficult choices in relationships, careers, or education.