Book Definition:

Information that is not currently in consciousness but can be recalled to consciousness voluntarily or after something calls attention to them.

In Your Own Words

  • Events that lay in the backround until they are called upon and brought to the conscious mind.
  • A memory that can be triggered by something calling attention to it; taste, smell, etc.
  • The little storage box that is underneath your workbench that you can pull information out when you need it.
  • Events that are in your unconciousness until brought to your conciousness by having something remind you of that event.
  • Information that was once center of attention and now not currently in conciousness but can be easily remembered if triggered.
  • An idea/event in your unconscious mind, that can be recalled back to your conscious when calling attention to it.


  • Remembering someone from your childhood when asked about them or seeing a picture of that friend.
  • Recalling the capital of a given state or some addition or multiplication facts.
  • Someone wore a particular perfume on a date from last week and when you smell this perfume again you think back to the date witht this girl.
  • When you hear the name Charlie, and you immediately think about your neighbor Charlie who used to live up the street
  • When you hear The Peanuts, you may think Charlie Brown, and Snoopy
  • When you have to take a benchmark or midterm exam, and you read the question the information starts to come back to you and you remember reading/learning about that particular subject.
  • Going to the mall and seeing people you don't see regularly, but when you see their face, you remember who they are.
  • Returning to your old high school football field and having memories of past times played there.
  • Remembering your birthday, address and phone number.
  • Remembering a password for multiple different websites, and remembering which one is which by seeing the log in page.
  • Seeing a picture of yourself and remembering everything that happened that day when you took the picture.
  • Remembering who your friends were from elementary school when seeing the elementary school.
  • When you see a picture of a past family vacation you are able to remember specific moments from that vacation
  • Playing a specific sports team, and remembering the previous outcome of the game from last season.
  • Remembering the lyrics to a song as it starts to play and your memories with this particular song with your friends.

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