Pavlov's Dogs conducted by Ivan Pavlov


Pavlov taught his dogs to salivate upon hearing a certain sound (in this case a bell), and whenever he would ring the bell they would salivate. To do this before conditioning he used food as the unconditioned stimulus(UCS) and the neutral stimulus(CS) was the bell. At this point the unconditioned response(UCR) would be the dog salivating when it sees the food, but there is no response when it hears the bell. During the conditioning (acquisition), he rings the bell(CS) and is paired with the food which elicits the salivation unconditioned response(UCR). After conditioning, the dog now salivates when it hears the bell. Now the salivation has become the conditioned response(CR) because now it is elicited by the bell(CS).

What did this experiment prove?

  • that an unconditioned stimulus can become conditioned when applied with a repetitive stimuli



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