cognitive mapThis page will include examples that would demonstrate how a psychological concept could be used in completing this meme sentence.

Your instructions are to...

    1. Either complete the partial thought of "One does not simply..." like the first few examples below or edit someone else's example to make it make more sense.
    2. ALWAYS USE PSYCHOLOGICAL TERMS FROM PSYCHLOPEDIA in your examples. And use them in context! Justify why by using words like "Because."
    3. Link to the term that you used with the link button. At the end of the year we will take all of these and make some good memes.
    4. If a term was already used once... make sure you use it in a different way.

  • One does not simply sever the corpus callosum without causing various problems between the hands and the hemispheres.
  • One does not simply transduce magnetism! It is physical energy incapable of being converted into neural signals.
  • One does not simply take AP Psychology and survive without enduring some acute stress.
  • One does not simply sneak below the absolute threshold of a ninja. They will always hear you coming.
  • One does not simply know the taste of their own mouth. This is because sensory adaptation allows us to "get used to" the taste and never realize that it's there.
  • One does not simply take a placebo effect and have the symptoms of the real drug because a placebo isn't the real medication. The placebo is supposed to determine if a drug gives you the treatment you need. For example if your testing a disease you need to find out if it works so you give a group the real drug and the experimental group the placebo to determine if the effects the experimental group receive are fake or not compared to the drug with the real medication group.
  • One does not simply walk into AP Psych without knowing the difference between sensation and perception. You will wish your kinesthetic sense had positioned you in front of your textbook.
  • One does not simply embarrass themselves when turning around, thinking that somebody called their name, happens because of the Signal Detection Theory, which explains how we detect "signals".
  • One does not simply ignore the annoying buzz of a mosquito, it crossed your absolute threshold there's no ignoring it have to kill it before it feeds.
  • One does not simply use top-down processing when listening to a new song by their favorite band, you must use bottom-up processing by listening to the drums,then the guitar,next the bass, then lyrics,next the singer's voice,and finally then looking at the song as a whole.
  • One does not simply rush the court when Maryland beats Duke and not have anything cross his/her absolute threshold. There was too much noise and movement to not be noticed.
  • One does not simply find his way around the house at night without making use of a cognitive map of the area, because that map enables him to navigate.
  • One does not simply fear only one type of spider such as a black widow, one fears all types of spiders due to stimulus generalization, which has caused them to respond to stimuli similar to their conditioned stimulus.
  • One does not simply win off of a slot moachine on their first try, due to the fact that the slot machine gives rewards on a intermittent ratio schedule. This means the slot machine rewards it's users after a random number of pulls on the lever, making it impossible to predict when you will win.
  • One does not simply have a fear of white fur without John B. Watson's experiment on generalization.
  • One does not simply accept a job offer without knowing the Fixed Interval of when you will be paid.
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  • One does not simply recall a memory without first encoding it into their brain.
  • One does not simply memorize a page in a textbook with one glance vividly, unless they have eidetic imagery.
  • One does not simply have a cognitive map and not know where to go.
  • One does not simply remember the word that's on the tip of their tongue; this is because of the TOT phenomenon, which is the inability to remember a word, but you know it's in your memory.
  • One does not simply remember a math equation for homework while they are trying to watch the football game as well, this is because of absent-mindedness.
  • One does not simply keep the same opinions their whole life; if it is claimed that it is, it is self-consistency bias. People are not as consistent in their opinions as much as they think they are.
  • One does not simply know how to talk when they are born, but can speak and understand language more easily due to the Language Aquisition Device.
  • One does not simply remember a new address with a retroactive interference.
  • One does not simply think to use there key to open a bottle because they have no bottle opener,(functional fixedness)
  • One does not simply process new information and create new memories when they suffer from anterograde amnesia.
  • One does not simply become a fan of Ravens since their childhood, when the other day they were wearing Steeler's jersey. This bias is called self-consistency bias, in which a person claims to be consistent in their choices, yet people fail to realize that their opinions change over time.
  • One does not simply hear a bobby pin drop out of BeyoncĂ©'s hair while she's on stage performing. The energy of the crowd, high volume, and flashing lights are too major for you to notice the bobby pin, it doesn't pass your absolute threshold.
  • One does not simply feel in charge of his or her life in a controlled setting, such as in a military school or a prison camp, so he or she may learn to feel and act helpless, otherwise known as experiencing learned helplessness.
  • One does not simply take care of themselves and their absent minded friends without experiencing stress and seeing them as stressors.
  • One does not simply wrestle solely because they like the sport, its also because they need to express one of Freud's basic desires which is thanatos
  • One does not simply keep trying after the failure to succeed.(learned helplessness).
  • One does not simply tell a lie on a polygraph and pass without not showing any arousal (harder breathing, faster heart rate, etc.)
  • One does not simply pick any college at random. There is the motive of multiple approach -avoidance which makes you look at all the choices, each with with good and bad qualities.
  • One does not simply remember the events that transpired on the day they were born, because of infantile amnesia. One could simply remember experiencing an event when they were about four or five years old however.
  • One does not simply score a 100% on a test with extremely low arousal because that would go against the pattern of the inverted U function.
  • One does not simply forget how to breathe because it is an implicit memory which is a Unconscious memory that everyone's brain could allow their body to do even when they when they were young
  • One does not simply believe they are useless, and can't do something without learned helplessness.
  • One does not simply turn 50 and not start doing volunteer work, it goes against the Generativity stage of life, which is when you start helping out, and serving a greater good, not just yourself.
  • One does not simply become an authoritative parent just because they themselves must have high goals/ standards for not only them but also their children.