Book Definition: Deep sleep episodes that seem to produce terror, although any terrifying mental experience (such as a dream) is usually forgotten upon awakening. Night terrors usually happen to children.

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A night terror, is characterized by extreme terror and a temporary inability to regain full consciousness. The subject wakes abruptly from slow-wave sleep, with waking usually accompanied by gasping, moaning, or screaming. It is often impossible to awaken the person fully, and after the episode the subject normally goes back to sleep without waking. A night terror can rarely be recalled by the subject. They typically occur during non-rapid eye movement sleep. This is not to be confused with nightmare which is a bad dream, night terrors are not dreams.

In Your Own Words

  • [ Nightmares that you have no memory of]
  • night terrors also involve the observing person (s) remembering what occured more than the person having the night terror


  • screaming and crying in the middle of the night and when you wake up the next day having no memory of it.
  • cold sweats, but pose not health threat

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